What Your Brand Voice Could Be Saying About You

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What is a brand voice? How do you find it? How do you define it? Your brand voice is an essential, independent factor of your brand that dictates how you communicate with your target audience. It should represent your overall tone and brand personality. Your voice is not just what you talk about – it’s…

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Build Employee Loyalty by Building Company Culture

Establishing company culture is one of the most important steps a successful business can take. In today’s business world, it seems as if employee loyalty and the days of working at one company for your entire career are relics of the past. But, with a little culture, they don’t have to be. According to Forbes’s…

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5 Quick Tricks to Add to Your Marketing Strategy

Sometimes finding time to work on our marketing strategy can seem like an impossible task. And while successful marketing does require an investment of time and energy, there are also small, simple tricks that you can do. Here are a few quick techniques that will enhance your marketing strategy without eating up all of the…

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