2022 Marketing Trends

It seems like just yesterday that we were planning for the 2021 calendar year. Believe it or not, the new year is quickly sneaking upon us. While no one can predict the future with complete accuracy, these current marketing trends are sure to stay consistent throughout the year 2022. With the growth of e-commerce still booming from the pandemic, next year is sure to be quite the busy year for marketers. In a world of newly used artificial intelligence, consumers can start to feel like just a number. It is your job as a marketer to make them feel important. With these following trends flourishing, one can expect digital media to continue to grow globally.

Social Media Changes

The three musketeers of social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) are continuing to boom. Although, in the next year, expect TikTok to be the top-performing social media app of 2022. Businesses will need to adapt to video creation on TikTok to stay relevant to these marketing trends. Along with the need for firms to submerge into new apps, minimalization of branding on social media is also taking off. By next year, logos will no longer be complete words but simple abbreviations of the business name or just the first letter of the name.

Online Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are currently prevalent due to the pandemic, but you can expect their popularity to stick around, if not substantially rise, throughout 2022. One example of creative hybrid events could be for a yoga studio or gym. Those that feel safe joining a workout class in person can join. Those who would rather stay home can follow along with the instructor online. Hybrid events allow people to enjoy still doing what they love and save time during their busy lives. It also gives them the feeling of safety without the fear of sacrificing their health or fitness.

Strengthen Your Brand Image

Telling your brand story can be a creative way to strengthen brand image and relate to consumers. In the upcoming year, customers want to see more data presented in a personalized yet straightforward way. Yet “straightforward” should never mean boring. Instead, one way to strengthen your brand image could be explaining how the customer’s specific contributions to the company create a movement. Companies that offer to round up change for charity are a great example of this. If the customer ends up donating their change, send them an email about how customers like them have impacted the charity because of their contributions.

Focus on Personalizing Email

While discussing the topic of email personalization, one can expect email conversions to rise in 2022 due to the rise of e-commerce. As a result of these marketing trends, one can also expect global email personalization software companies to boom. Suppose a business does not adapt to the world of AI email personalization, as long as they keep emails relevant, timely, catchy, or sent from certain triggering behaviors. In that case, they should still see open rates climb. Personalizing emails in the upcoming year should also include user-generated content, positive feedback, and diverse groups for a better chance of conversions.

Google Ends Cookie Tracking

By the end of 2023, Google plans to stop cookie tracking, which could be huge for marketers who use online data from google chrome. Google intends to wait until 2023, giving businesses time to think of other strategies to collect digital advertising data. While some browsers already block third-party cookies, google chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world. Cookie changes are a massively impactful trend that marketers and businesses will have to start restrategizing on.


Algorithms are like an unable-to-solve puzzle for most marketers. Just when you think you’ve cracked the social media algorithm code, the platform switches it up again. It’s no secret that algorithms may be cheating your content from being on someone’s page entirely. Facebook and Twitter still can see content in chronological order, but other social media platforms will need some extra attention in 2022. The algorithm changes will require constant experimentation with what different content socials “want” in their algorithms.

Educate Rather Than Selling

People are way less likely to buy a product when they are unsure of its use. Videos are an excellent way to inform customers about products. Videos show a bigger picture, unlike other forms of media. In 2022, videos will continue to trend better than traditional forms of media. Educating the consumer will also feel more genuine rather than a forceful approach. Education via videos is one attribute of marketing that consumers will continue to enjoy from companies throughout the upcoming year.

From changes in data tracking, social media, and overall marketing tactics, 2022 is sure to hold some significant adaptations that marketers and businesses will need to workaround. The main principle is to stay true to consumer personalization. Everything else should fall into place if you remain true to putting your customers first and invest in the customer service and support team. To stay on top of recent marketing trends, use Catalyst Momentum as your resource for all things digital advertising.