4 Tools to Make Digital Marketing Easier

Digital marketing is easy, right? Wrong. It changes daily, it’s hard to measure, and it can be difficult to determine if you’re getting the results you want. Luckily, the world is one step ahead of us. There are countless tools out there to help us manage our online presence. But how do you know which ones are worth learning and using? As a marketing agency, we’ve been through our fair share of awful, glitchy, and expensive tools. That’s why we want to share our knowledge with you. Here are some of our favorite marketing tools that make digital marketing a little simpler.

1. Buffer

Buffer is ideal when you start building up your social media presence or if you manage multiple accounts. It allows you to schedule posts days (or even months) in advance. Maybe you’re not currently planning your posts ahead of time but, with Buffer, you can start. When building your social media presence, it’s easy to forget or lose track of what you’re posting and when. You may have four great post ideas today but forget them by tomorrow. Buffer allows you to get it all out in one place and avoid blowing up your feed and losing followers. You can connect any social media platform to Buffer. Plus, it’s very easy to use – especially for beginners.

2. Canva

A big part of digital marketing is making things look good. This can get expensive. It’s easy to outsource the graphic design for your website and your personalized content. However, it isn’t always feasible to have every piece of material go through a designer’s hands. That’s where Canva comes in. This application helps with graphic design and branding. It’s ideal for stamping your logo on your pictures, last minute creative for events, and exploring your brand’s personality. It’s very easy to use and, best of all, most of it is free. This application comes in handy when you don’t have time to talk to a graphic designer or you want to do something simple.

3. Hootsuite

One of the most important things when running digital marketing campaigns is measuring their success. You can’t fix problems until you know what’s not working. Reports and analyses are the only way to tell if your hard work is paying off. Plus, it’s a lot easier to get more budget when you have results you can show on paper. Sadly, when it comes to digital marketing, especially with things like social media, it can be tough to measure success. Hootsuite is here to help. Hootsuite has tools for every level of marketing. They offer free and paid tools to help you measure your social success and online campaigns.

4. Grammarly

Maybe you’ve seen or heard about Grammarly. We had our doubts but we have to admit, it’s a lifesaver. It’s a good idea to have any major content, such as blogs or website copy, written by an experienced copywriter. But content is everywhere nowadays. Every single post, tweet, and comment can’t go through the editor – and everyone makes mistakes. That’s why we installed Grammarly. It helps with all aspects of the business. Your social posts will be error-free, your emails will always look professional, and you’ll never lose a customer over a grammar mistake. Grammarly takes your writing and grades it as a teacher. You can even see how you’re improving over time and what you need to work on.

There are lots of great applications and tools to make your business more manageable, from QuickBooks to online banking. Luckily, there are just as many quality tools to make the marketing side of things run smoothly as well. These four digital marketing tools have helped many people get their business on the right track . Another good tip if you’re building or recreating your digital presence is to ask for advice. Look online for people that are doing things well. Take notes on how they interact with their audience. Implement these tools and the right strategies, and you will nail your digital marketing goals.