Effective Types of Video Marketing to Humanize Your Brand

We all know by now that video marketing is a powerful and effective marketing strategy.  So, shouldn’t we try to utilize it as often as we can? Video can be used to complement or replace written or graphic content. Buyers want an authentic and human feel to their brands and video gets us there. Think of it as “humanizing our communication.” Successful video marketing shows the real people behind a brand that are ready and willing to help solve people’s problems. Here are six effective types of video marketing to humanize your brand.

1. Brand Identity Videos

Having videos explaining who you are and what you do truly increases your value as a business. When your audience can visualize what you have to offer, they can better visualize how they can benefit. Place a 2-3 minute “Who We Are” video in the “About” section of your website for an added SEO boost. And don’t forget to incorporate these videos into your content strategy! 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

2. Live Video

Another way to utilize video in our marketing strategy is through live video updates. From Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat, our audiences want to engage with us live and on-demand. Facebook Live has been shown to be the most effective type of video content when it comes to generating engagement. Statistics show that users comment on Facebook Live videos at ten times the rate of regular videos. If your brand is doing any type of event or announcement, live video is the way to go.

3. FAQ Videos

Ditch the typical Q&A text portion of your website and join your audience in 2018! Create short FAQ videos with all of your brand’s frequently asked questions so that you can more personally address any hesitations or concerns. Drop this content into a “Before You Buy” section and reduce the number of phone (and video!) calls asking the same questions day in and day out.

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4. Video Chat Customer Service

Bring a new dimension to your customer service. In addition to the usual live text chats, emails, and phone conversations, introduce an option for your audience to chat live on video with one of your representatives. This gives a personal touch to your customer service and lets your audience see the people behind your brand. It also sets you up for success because now anyone can find your support online allowing the easiest and fastest way to find answers.

5. Product & Service Demos

Product or service demos are especially important if your brand is offering something that your audience might never have seen before. But it also just helps to build trust and show potential buyers that what you’re selling actually works! Product and service demos let customers know what they can expect, which increases the likelihood that they’ll buy and decreases chances that they’ll return it later.

6. Video Testimonials

Without a person to associate them with, text testimonials are difficult to assign face value to (pardon the pun). By having trusted local, national, or international customer testimonials, you build that trust needed for a potential customer to connect with your brand. These videos should start from the beginning of contact and go through how you your product or service has helped improve this customer’s life.

Show your audiences the people behind your brand and watch engagement and trust skyrocket. Video is such a simple and reasonable way to increase human interaction and add some personality to your brand. By providing humans to interact with, you make humans want to interact with you. Try any one of these types of video marketing and watch your brand grow.