Email Drip Campaigns: What Are They and How Can They Benefit Your Business?

If you’ve never heard of an email drip campaign, it might sound somewhat intimidating at first, but drip campaigns have a lot of perks that can work in your favor when executed well. Whether you’re sending an email out to prospective clients and customers or current customers, sending emails should help your business grow, not hurt it! We want to help you understand what an email drip campaign is and the benefits it can bring when utilized in your company’s day-to-day marketing strategy.

What are email drip campaigns?

Let’s start with the basics. If you currently send out emails or are just getting set up, an email campaign’s primary goal is to attract the right subscribers. The definition of an email drip campaign is a series of automated triggered emails that get sent out when someone either opens an email or subscribes to your mailing list. This email campaign is referred to as “drip” because important information gets sent over time, not just all at once. A drip campaign helps organize email send time and date. Instead of sending out a random email to subscribers about topics that don’t interest them, this helps create a smooth engagement.

Drip campaign benefits

Email drip campaigns focus on delivering the right information to your subscribers at the right time to help push them further down the lead funnel toward eventual conversion to becoming a customer. Drip campaigns are unique in the way they use timing and action triggers to send automated emails. This type of campaign also sends emails to those who subscribed and creates more email list signups with a lower chance of unsubscribes. There are several benefits to drip campaigns:

  • The ability for more revenue due to accurate segmentation
  • Offers steady engagement
  • Less time and effort spent on email send
  • Allows an ongoing conversation between business and subscribers
  • Cross-sell and up-sell products or services
  • The potential to convert leads into customers

Take the time to plan out the messaging and content you would want to incorporate into each series. Ask yourself; Does everything flow together? Would this email make sense by itself? Do they all lead toward the same outcome?

When it comes to drip campaigns, you can make them as simple or complex as you want. Keep in mind what you want the outcome to be. Remember how important it is that your emails coincide together when coming up with a strategy. Converting leads through a drip campaign won’t happen overnight, but if you delegate the series in a timely manner, stay relevant, and keep your subscribers engaged, it will pay off. If you’re ready to build momentum with your business, get started with our team of experienced marketing professionals. Please schedule a consultation today or learn more about the services we offer to help fuel your momentum!