Marketing Trends and Evolution in 2021

Each calendar year’s turnover ushers in fresh thinking as marketers review the “hits and misses” of the previous 12 months. Why wait until New Year’s Day to start preparing for next year when you could get ahead of marketing trends and begin 2021 with a captivating start? With technology changing every day, you never know what could come our way in 2021, so it is better to be ahead than behind. Here are a few progressive marketing strategies to consider as we approach 2021:

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Which One Will Dominate?

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) will continue to impact our world in 2021. VR and AR technology are getting more advanced every day, and it will continue to affect consumers positively. We expect AR to surpass VR in the new decade due to usability. The most effective marketing trends for AR will likely feature interactive customer experiences. For example, Brilliant Earth allows its customers to “try on” engagement rings online, and Amazon enables consumers to “place furniture” in their homes virtually. Allowing consumers to be interactive within the comfortable environment of their smartphones is the epitome of digital marketing.

Shoppable Posts are Here to Stay.

The shoppable post trend follows the digital-centric marketing pattern by allowing consumers to have everything they want within the touch of a screen. Many platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram, are bringing shoppable posts into play. In 2021, when a product gets featured in a social post, smart brands will provide an uncomplicated method to buy it on-demand directly from that same post. Forget having to sort through a website — your consumers can have their item on its way to their doorstep at a moment’s notice.

Advertising is Getting Personal.

Consumers are becoming increasingly savvy at tuning out generic, everyday ads. Even unique, outlandish ads are beginning to fade into the dark. A consumer may laugh or pay attention to innovative creativity, but in the end, what matters is that they remember the company and buy the product. Revenue doesn’t increase just because you managed to capture a consumer’s attention for a moment. Personalized advertising messages will find a whole new meaning in 2021; targeting your niche audience will become increasingly vital for gaining and retaining customers.

Content Remains King.

As we move into 2021, one thing will remain consistent: content is and always has been king. If you have not moved into the new era of content-driven marketing, it is time. Engaging, quality content is still the best way to demonstrate your knowledge and captivate consumers right where they spend most of their time: online. One type of content that will continue to advance in 2021 is LIVE content. Live videos on Facebook and Instagram track better than most content and receive six times as many interactions than traditional videos!

Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, said, “Change is the only constant in life.” That is why we must stick together and stay ahead of the evolutionary marketing curve! In an industry that relies heavily on technology, all we can be sure of is that great things are always just around the corner. Ever-changing trends are among the most excellent details about our digital world; we will never be bored. So, get ready to adapt and evolve to make your splash in 2021 and beyond!