Hello OMG Client!

Let’s Make Your Videos POP on Social Media.

You’ve got a killer collection of OMG videos. Awesome! Now, we’ll put them in front of the right eyeballs.

Social Media Management Packages
for OMG Video Clients

Want to dabble, dig in, or dominate on social media? Choose the plan that’s right for you.


$1,000/mo, 12-month commitment

Our basic package includes...
(52) weekly video posts with caption writing to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (does not include Instagram as videos must be clipped to under 60 seconds)
$100 boosted Facebook post for (52) videos
Managed ad targeting and optimization
Live analytics dashboard


$1,900/mo, 12-month commitment

Everything in “DABBLE,” plus...
Custom cross-platform cover photo set
(52) weekly teaser graphics (design and caption writing) to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram
$25 boosted Facebook post for (52) teaser graphics
Weekly post monitoring to delete spam/negative comments and like comments/shares


$3,500/mo, 12-month commitment

Everything in “DIG IN,” plus...
Bi-monthly cross-platform cover photo sets
(52) additional weekly graphics (design and caption writing) for a total of 3 posts per week (2 graphics and 1 video).
$25 boosted Facebook post for (104) graphics
Daily post monitoring to delete spam/negative comments and like comments/shares

Mutual Admiration Partnership

At Catalyst Momentum Marketing Group, we think you’re smart for hiring Oz Media Global because they are superb video content producers! And, as it happens, they also think we do a darn good job of managing video content on social media. So, OMG asked our team to help clients (like YOU) ensure their professional OMG-produced video content reaches all the right people and places on social media.

Catalyst Momentum Marketing Group is a full-service brand consulting and marketing services agency that releases professionals like you from the burden of figuring out your best go-to-market strategy so you can focus on the big picture: RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS.

You’ve got the video content, and we know how to market it!

81% of marketers plan to include video content in their marketing strategy over the next several years, so make sure you’re playing your video cards right!