Momemtum Partner Program for Coaches & Consultants

Earn unlimited top line revenue, without doing the work!

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you could be a perfect fit...

You want to benefit from our vast business experience, consulting successes?

You want to attach yourself to a brand capable of selling high ticket deals in excess of $100,000?

You want to benefit by offering top quality marketing and branding services, without doing the work?

You are interested in selling without the work?

Congratulations! You are a great fit & best of all - there are no minimums or limits.

How it Works

White Label Services Partner

Our white label services puts you in a position to offer our full suite of business consulting and marketing agency services. We provide you with wholesale pricing and you are free to markup and sell our services under your brand and profit margins that make sense for your business. (No minimums required)

Referral Partner

As a Referral Partner, you have the ability to earn commission for simply referring clients to us. When they pay, you earn a commission.

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For The Past 10 Years, We Have Helped Over 1200 Companies Obtain A Minimum MROI Of 136%

Recent Case Studies


Ready to share her collection of salad dressings with the world, but unsure of where to begin, Chef Pam approached Catalyst seeking a marketing plan. Knowing that the variety of dressings and marinades available was daunting, Catalyst recommended a marketing strategy that would focus on Chef Pam as an individual, becoming the mascot of her own brand.

Developing a cutting edge social media sales strategy, Catalyst helped put Chef Pam and her collection of dressings, Hail Caesar, on the map. Receiving a marketing ROI of over 222%, Chef Pam’s career has grown exponentially, and has been a featured judge in several national culinary competitions.


An attorney client of ours wanted assistance growing his practice. His coach, eager to help the lawyer succeed, realized that the organization needed a multi-faceted approach, and assembled a strategic development plan for the client.

The coach helped the client develop a better pricing structure, leading to more sustained income, and ensuring that appropriate margins were fulfilled. The coach also recommended that the client assemble an internal support team to capitalize on the most profitable areas of practice; once implemented, this strategy both increased profits and reduced overhead almost immediately. Less than three years after the client began receiving coaching, his revenue has increased over 400%.


Prior to teaming up with Catalyst, the owner of a dealership was working 70+ hours a week to grow his business. His business had two major income streams: one from direct to consumer sales, and one from maintenance and service. The client, eager to continue growing his company, but desperate to reduce his time commitment, joined several coaching groups for guidance. From the insights he received, the client began to make necessary staffing changes, delegating his responsibilities to team leaders; he also added two additional income streams, and developed an e-commerce platform to sell items online.

Today, his organization does over $1.75 Million annually through drop ship online part sales alone - and this segment of the business is almost completely automated. Now, without needing to play an active role in operations, this client travels the world, taking one-of-a-kind fishing and hunting trips around the globe. When he chooses to, he is able to work ON his business - not IN it - and allocates his time to preparing his full transition, and polishing his legacy.


A nonprofit that works to improve orphan care worldwide, was struggling to present a clear, compelling message to potential donors. Realizing that they needed a fresh perspective, Haven of Hope approached the Catalyst Collective, and completed a comprehensive branding workshop.

In the workshop, Haven of Hope found brand clarity, discovered organizational opportunities, and received a customized development plan, forging a path to goal realization.

Catalyst worked closely with Haven of Hope, developing intriguing donor presentations, filming videos, revitalizing their online presence, and even assisting them with hiring a new operations director. In under three months, Haven of Hope secured more donations than ever before, and tripled their social media following.


A community advocacy group sought out Catalyst for assistance with a major leadership transition. Their founder, who still served as the primary vision holder and authority in the group, wanted to retire. We helped draft a detailed transition plan, which included everything from developing a new executive leadership team, to revamping organizational structure, to developing new streams of income. The group worked closely with their coach to clarify their core messaging, define their organizational vision and strategic plan, and redesign their executive infrastructure, even helping them select candidates to fill the new executive roles.

By working with Catalyst, the group has a fully developed exit strategy for their founder, and is better positioned for growth in the years to come.


Peter, who started creating prosthetics for dogs as a side job, wanted to take his venture full-time and leave his normal day job. A true start-up, Peter had no brand established - no logo, no website, no online presence of any kind. Through a comprehensive workshop with Catalyst Collective, Peter was able to develop his core messaging, establishing a clear-cut brand and receiving a tailor-made growth plan so he could compete with the 3 other national competitors in his industry.

In just one year, Peter has grown his venture - Petsthetics - into a full-time job for both himself and an assistant, and is creating prosthetics for pets of all shapes and sizes, from a Chihuahua to even a horse.


Hi, I'm Thomas MacDonald - We turnaround and amplify company growth & we are looking for coaches and consultants to partner with who...

1. Want to benefit from my knowledge and experience of growing and selling over $500 million in business assets.
2. Want the backing and support to close high ticket deals in excess of $100,000
3. Would rather sell than do the work

We have perfected our approach to selling all facets of business consulting & want to partner with you. Best of all, there are no minimums, limits or requirements to our partnership. You can literally earn money for simply referring business to us & we take it from there. It's not uncommon that our partners walk away with $3000-$5000 just for referring business to us! If you are interested in having a quick phone call this week or next week, let me know. I'd love to explore the possibilities.

Thomas MacDonald