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Brand Architecture Workshop

This workshop is a collaborative meeting designed to clarify how you communicate with your target audience. We will lead you through a series of questions, soul searching, and brainstorming to discover:

  • How to clearly communicate your vision, externally and internally
  • Where your organization lives on the brand personality spectrum
  • Your organization’s “brand DNA” and genotype
  • The position your organization will take in its messaging
  • Your brand's personality and archetype
  • Your brand’s defined target audience/s
  • Your brand's messaging voice
  • How to clarify your brand’s message and create a foundation for forward momentum
    in leads and sales



We review where you’re at and determine the best course of action to accomplish your goals.


We take what you have and rejuvenate it to receive the attention your brand deserves.


We unify your brand, preparing to present you to the world.


We unleash your brand, gaining attention and building momentum. This is the fun part: marketing in action.


We continue developing you as a leader and strategize future business growth.

What kind of organizations can benefit from brand consulting services?

  • Established organizations about to launch a new brand

  • New organizations getting ready to launch their flagship brand

  • Organizations that need revised or refreshed branding

  • Two organizations that are merging into one

  • Organizations that are struggling to reach their next level of sales and revenue

  • Organizations that have plateaued in growth

  • Organizations that want to reach more customers

  • Organizations that have a hard time building customer loyalty

  • Organizations in need of brand clarification

  • Organizations that need to realign their vision and mission

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