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Our approach:

We believe that every organization should reach its full potential. That’s why our approach to consulting is to be a guide on your path. What makes us unique is that we don’t try to get you to fit inside our box. Instead, we first take time to understand and discover your organization's unique vision for your customers.

From there, we explore the ways that we could add value to you and fill in any of the gaps that are preventing your organization from growing and thriving. With 20 years of experience in consulting organizations, there’s nothing we haven’t seen. No problem is too big (or too small). We’d love to partner with you to strengthen your organization and reach as many new customers as possible.

Catalyst Workshop

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an established organization, the Catalyst Workshop is a one day workshop designed to clarify your mission and values and then translate that into how you interact with the people you’re trying to reach. Through a series of interactive activities and intentional conversation, we’ll map out your story brand and solidify your brand DNA, target market, vision statement, mission statement and more. You’ll leave with a strong brand identity, rejuvenated vision, and crystal clear communication tools.

Comprehensive Workshop

The Comprehensive Workshop is a 1-3 day workshop that includes an on-site visit where our team does a top to bottom evaluation of your organization. We’ll help you identify areas that need attention and establish a customized plan to do so. We’ll also identify broken or missing systems and assist you in finding a solution that will set you and your team up for success. We will also create a strategic plan for the future that will position you for maximum impact and sustainable growth.

Tailor Made Strategies For:

Customer Loyalty Building
Team Building
New Hires
Growth plans
Organizational structure
Leadership development



We review where you’re at and determine the best course of action to accomplish your goals.


We take what you have and rejuvenate it to receive the attention your brand deserves.


We unify your brand, preparing to present you to the world.


We unleash your brand, gaining attention and building momentum. This is the fun part: marketing in action.


We continue developing you as a leader and strategize future business growth.

What kind of organizations can benefit from consulting services?

  • Organizations who are about to launch a new campus

  • Brand new organizations who are getting ready to launch their first campus

  • Organizations that need rebranding

  • Two organizations who are merging into one

  • Organizations that have plateaued in growth

  • Organizations that want to reach more customers

  • Organizations that are understaffed

  • Organizations that just experienced a change in leadership

  • Traditional organizations that are looking to transition to more high tech

  • Organizations that have outgrown their systems

  • Organizations that are having a hard time building customer loyalty

  • Organizations with high turnover

  • Organizations that want to clarify their brand

  • Organizations that need to realign their vision and mission

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