How to Implement Emotional Marketing

emotional marketing

Successful emotional marketing is one of the most valuable tools in the advertising world. When done correctly, emotional marketing can sway the most challenging consumers and create lasting customer loyalty. Emotional marketing should connect with customers in a way that goes far beyond necessity or desire. Yes, it is a strategy, but it cannot feel…

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5 Digital Marketing Trends to Expect This Year

marketing trends

2020 didn’t go as expected for anyone hopeful of the new year. With 2021 off to the races, we didn’t want to start the year off with any more uncertainty. Let’s take a minute to reflect on how much has changed in the marketing industry within the last few months. Have no fear. It can…

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Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

digital marketing strategy, digital marketing

When done correctly, a strong digital marketing strategy will greatly benefit any business. If your digital marketing strategy isn’t increasing your sales or website traffic, chances are you’re not doing it right (or you’re not doing it at all). Here are some pitfalls that might be preventing your business from having a solid digital marketing…

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