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Annie Greenwood

Junior Content Strategist

Annie is a true born and raised Floridian; she grew up in Southwest Florida and went to college on the east coast at Florida Atlantic University. She graduated with her business degree, majoring in marketing and minoring in human resources & leadership. Annie is also part-owner of her family restaurant where she spends her weekends helping run the business. She fell in love with marketing early in high school when she would look at online customer reviews for the restaurant. Annie also realized marketing was her passion when she took on branding for the restaurant t-shirts, social media, and their website.

Annie has been involved in leadership roles throughout her academic career, dating way back to student government in middle school. With her Myers-Briggs personality being ESTJ, or, “The Executive”, she loves leadership and the strong organization it creates, just like her favorite character from The Office, Dwight. Annie loves working on a team and making one-on-one connections with different people. Whether Annie is writing a blog or doing social media, she makes sure the client is happy, because she knows how important it is to love your brand and be proud of what you do every day.

Outside of work, Annie loves baking, traveling, and spending hours browsing at TJ Maxx. Momentum is the perfect home for Annie’s cooperative yet free spirit.