Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

When done correctly, a strong digital marketing strategy will greatly benefit any business. If your digital marketing strategy isn’t increasing your sales or website traffic, chances are you’re not doing it right (or you’re not doing it at all). Here are some pitfalls that might be preventing your business from having a solid digital marketing strategy:

1. Lack of Knowledge and Training

Many companies assume internet marketing is very simple and can be done with little-to-no training or background. This is not the case. Modern digital marketing is complicated and constantly changing. It is imperative to stay ahead of the your business’s industry as well as the overall industry of digital marketing. For example, the Facebook algorithm has changed many times in just the last few months. The changes actually make it harder for businesses to gain reach and display content that is more industry targeted. Without this knowledge, posts on Facebook could be irrelevant and provide limited ROI.

2. Assuming Social Media is the Same Across the Board

Companies often think that posting on a business platform on social media is the same as posting on a personal page. This can lead to a non-professional tone and many other issues with content. Always be sure to only use professional vocabulary that is in line with the voice of the brand and high-quality photos, videos, and graphics.  There are strategies that must be incorporated into all types of digital marketing, including social media. The best way to conquer this obstacle is to create a content plan, review it consistently to see what is working, and perform updates using the latest analytics from the platforms.

3. Not Taking Digital Marketing Seriously

In many cases, the generation that is in the driver’s seat at a business didn’t grow up in the same technology-driven world that exists today. This can lead to thinking that digital marketing isn’t important or necessary in the business diagram. It can also lead to companies investing the bare minimum in their online marketing program or dumping the responsibility on an employee who doesn’t have the right knowledge or training. Due to this, the digital marketing strategy ends up being inadequate and unsuccessful. There is a reason most companies dedicate an entire department to marketing. Online marketing is a vital part to that department and should not be overlooked.

adapt, adapt or die, chameleon

4. Reluctance to Adapt

As mentioned earlier, technology and marketing working together is a new concept to many generations. Many people think that digital marketing is just a website. These days, there are many ways that online marketing can take a company and their marketing success to the next level. The possibilities are endless; digital marketing allows a company to reach the entire world. Having an open mind to new online marketing tools can completely revamp a company’s digital marketing strategy and bring in new customers that couldn’t be reached otherwise.

5. Expecting Immediate Results

Online marketing is targeted towards a fast-paced industry, but that doesn’t mean it will be a miracle overnight. Just like all business plans, it will take time. In the beginning, focus on KPIs rather than ROIs. An easy mistake to make is to stop the campaign prematurely. This is not only a waste of investment and resources, but can even confuse customers. Define attainable goals and then give the content time to work and reach your customers. Then after a set time period, analyze and make adjustments based on the results.

6. Forgetting the Sole Purpose of Digital Marketing

Don’t forget the real reason for a digital marketing strategy, which is always the customer. Every aspect of the strategy – the website, the content, and the delivery channels – should be targeted directly to your audience. It should make it easy for customers to comprehend your brand, product, and the message you’re trying to convey. Make sure the content is easy to understand for returning customers as well as new customers. A good place to start is by testing the website to ensure it is user-friendly.

It may take a little effort to perfect your digital marketing strategy, but it will pay off in the long run. A company can no longer afford not to have a strong online marketing plan. Check to see if your company is making any of these common mistakes. If you have tried digital marketing strategies and just can’t seem to find what works best, consider talking to a consulting agency or coaching service.